5 Best Apps to Help You Create a Self Storage Inventory

Let’s face it. Most of us have more stuff than we have room for, especially if downsizing from a large home to a smaller house or apartment. Or perhaps you just moved to a new city or state. Whatever the reason, you’ll more than likely use a self-storage unit to keep all that extra stuff safe while you decide where it goes.

There are several apps to assist with keeping track of your self storage inventory.

There are several apps to assist with keeping track of your self storage inventory.

Self-storage units are handy when you don’t have any place to keep your belongings. However, keeping track of what you have in storage can be a real headache. So is deciding what size storage unit you need and figuring out which box holds what. Since most people have smartphones and computers, apps have been created to help keep track of what you have. Here are a few apps to help you preserve your sanity


Touted as “the ultimate organizer app” by this NYC storage company, Sortly enables you to take visual inventory of your belongings, tag, and file each one. The iOS mobile app syncs with the app on your computer and provides automatic backup. With the Premium version you can create QR code labels for your boxes, enabling you to simply scan the label and pull up exactly what is inside.

SmartStop Self Storage’s Inventory Tracker

You don’t really have to store your inventory at SmartStop to use their app. Like Sortly, the app features a QR code to make keeping track of your belongings in a snap. The mobile app links to the company’s website.

State Farm Move Tools

One of the easiest apps available, the State Farm Move Tool provides a to-do list, packing tool, a label creator, and an inventory tracker. Just select a room and drag and drop existing items or add items. When you’re finished you can print labels for each box.

Self Storage Estimator

This iOS Self Storage Estimator app is a great tool for estimating how many square feet you will need for storing your belongings. You select items from five categories, including kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, and garden. When you select the category and amount of items you need to store, the app calculates the storage space needed, which helps you determine more accurately what size storage unit to get.

Move Estimator

This app aids you with various activities related to self-storage, including helping you to create an accurate inventory of everything you wish to move or store. Using an extensive database of furniture that includes industry-standard volume and weight measurements, it helps you estimate the weight and volume of your objects. Using this number, the app helps you select a self-storage unit that is affordable and suits your needs. Move Estimator is available on iTunes for $9.99.